Breast Biopsy

We typically perform two types of breast biopsy, fine needle aspiration and core needle biopsy, depending on the type of mass revealed in the mammogram.

Fine Needle Aspiration uses a very thin needle and syringe to remove either fluid from a cyst or clusters of cells from a solid mass. The procedure requires a great deal of skill, gained through experience with many cases.

Core Needle Biopsy uses a larger needle with a special cutting edge. Under local anesthesia, the needle is inserted through a small incision in the skin and a small core of tissue is removed. With either biopsy, samples are removed and sent to the laboratory for diagnosis.

Both procedures last about an hour and there is no significant scarring. Recovery is much easier and shorter than a conventional excisional biopsy. With either biopsy, a physician who specializes in analyzing tissue under a microscope will prepare a report which will be reviewed and forwarded to your physician. Normally the results are available to you in one or two days.

Prior to your biopsy, please inform your doctor if you are:
• Taking medications or herbal supplements
• Have allergies, especially to anesthesia
• Are over 65
• Have had a recent illness or other medical condition

As these tests may require sedation or anesthesia, you will want to have a friend or relative accompany you and drive you home after your test.

If you are pregnant, please tell a patient representative.

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